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NANTICOKE, January 10, 2017 − State Senator John Yudichak (D-Luzerne/Carbon) and State Representative Gerald Mullery met with SCI-Retreat corrections officers at an informational meeting hosted by the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officer Association (PSCOA).  The meeting followed a conference call the legislators held earlier Monday morning with the Department of Corrections on the potential closure of SCI-Retreat in Newport Township.

“The only responsible course of action for the Department of Corrections is to remove the self-imposed closure decision deadline of January 26, and hold public hearings to allow legislators, union leaders, local officials and taxpayers to voice their concerns on the devastating impact the loss of nearly four hundred jobs will have on Luzerne County,” said State Senator John Yudichak.

Senator Yudichak and Representative Mullery were informed by Department of Corrections officials that the department will meet with the Department of Community and Economic Development tomorrow, January 10th, to begin the economic impact study of closing state facilities.

“How can you do a fair analysis in just eleven days on what the direct loss of $57.3 million will have on the community of Newport Township and the families of northeastern Pennsylvania,” asked Representative Mullery.   

The Wolf Administration and the Department of Corrections have scheduled January 26, 2017 as the date when the closure of two state prisons will be announced.  The two prisons selected for closure will then be decommissioned by June 30, 2017.

“We appreciate Senator Yudichak and Representative Mullery standing with the PSCOA and the workers at SCI-Retreat to challenge this misguided budget driven decision that will jeopardize public safety in our prisons and negatively impact the economy of Luzerne County,” said Mark Truszkowski, PSCOA Business Agent for SCI-Retreat.


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