Harrisburg, July 26, 2017—Senator John T. Yudichak (D-Luzerne/Carbon), Democratic Chairman of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, issued the following statement after an amendment establishing a natural gas severance tax was adopted by the Senate Appropriations Committee tonight.    

“Our persistence has paid off for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania with the realization of a responsible natural gas severance tax. The new tax will provide real, recurring revenue and help to avoid a broad-based tax increase on residents this year. 

“I’ve long been an advocate for a fair severance tax, like those maintained by many other states with a comparable industry presence. Pennsylvania boasts the most productive natural gas field in the United States, and the industry is a significant employer and economic driver throughout the commonwealth. With that said, the tax imposed by this legislation is not punitive, but ensures that the industry can continue to invest in creating jobs in Pennsylvania.”