PARRYVILLE, August 8, 2017 – The Carbon County Council of Governments (“CCCOG”) announced today the purchase of an Asphalt Zipper and a successful training session on the equipment for the members’ municipal workers. The training session took place at the Parryville Fire Company.

The Asphalt Zipper is the first piece of shared equipment purchased by the CCCOG, which will help to grind up and smooth out deteriorating roads throughout the county. The CCCOG received funding for the purchase in the 2016 grant cycle from the Commonwealth Financing Authority (“CFA”) Monroe County Local Share Account (“LSA”).

The CCCOG, spearheaded by State Senator John T. Yudichak (D-Luzerne/Carbon) and local elected officials from the 18 member municipalities is an organization that was created in order to improve communication, share resources, and apply for grant dollars. The CCCOG has received $231,000 from the LSA grant program since it’s official inception in early 2016 and has raised over $6,000 from an auction that was held last fall.

“The CCCOG continues to take the right steps forward in saving our municipalities money through their cooperative efforts,” said Yudichak. “With the purchase of this first piece of equipment it shows the initiative this group has taken to improve the infrastructure throughout Carbon County.”

“Just listening to the workers talk from our different municipalities, you can hear how excited they are to put this machine to work for their respective communities,” said CCCOG President Kris Hoffner. “This machine is going to make our roads better and that’s what this is all about. Working together in a collaborative way to make Carbon County better.”

“Carbon County is proud to be a part of the CCCOG,” said Chairman of the Carbon County Commissioners Wayne Nothstein. “There’s an open dialogue there now between all of us that goes far beyond sharing equipment. We can bounce ideas off each other on different projects, which is really beneficial. It’s just a great way to ensure that Carbon County continues to develop.”