Senator Yudichak Pauses to Pay Tribute to America’s 9/11 Heroes

[frame align=”left”][/frame]It was my honor and privilege to speak this morning at the 9/11 Ceremony at @LuzerneCC Walk of Honor.

Good-morning. It is always a humbling experience to be with the LCCC family at this very special place, the Walk of Honor, to remember and pay tribute to America’s 9/11 heroes.

We pause today to honor our brave first responders, like fallen NYC firefighter Michael Carlo. Michael Carlo’s heroism on 9/11 was the inspiration for the Walk of Honor and the Public Safety Institute. It is our hope that the inspiration from all of our 9/11 heroes will keep us committed to those brave fire fighters, police officers and EMT’s who take it up as their daily charge to put themselves in harm’s way so we can be safe.

We also pause today to salute the sacrifice of our US military forces who, by killing Osama bin Laden, delivered justice to the nearly 3,000 families who lost loved ones on 9/11.

American forces have decimated terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and brought peace to our shores. It is time to for America to show its gratitude for the more than 2.4 million veterans who served in Iraq & Afghanistan.

The 6,570 men and women who gave their lives to protect America from terrorist deserve our eternal prayers. The 49,609 wounded soldiers returning home deserve more than our thanks… they deserve a helping hand to get the health care and job training they need to transition back into civilian life.

When thinking about these soldiers returning home or when you hear a story on the news about firefighters battling a house fire or police officers being shot at in a robbery gone wrong …I want you to remember the life of another 9/11 hero…. Father Judge.

Father Judge was assisting firefighters as the rushed into the World Trade Center. As the command was given to evacuate the building, Father Judge refused to abandon the firefighters still trapped inside, shouting…”My work here is not finished.”

[frame align=”right”][/frame]Father Judge was the first body recovered from the rumble. He is called by some the Saint of 9/11…with unspeakable horrors happening around him… he did not think of his own safety…his mind, his heart and his prayers were with the firefighters battling for their lives… his only thought…”My work here is not finished”.

Let us resolve, like Father Judge, that for the 2.4 million veterans.. our work is not finished…for the 6,570 dead on the battlefield.. our work is not finished…for the 49,609 wounded .. our work is not finished.And for the 3,000 innocent civilians killed 11 years ago today… our work is not finished.. our work is not finished until peace returns to families that mourn and comfort is given to those who earned the peace.God bless our first responders, God bless our troops and God bless the United States of America.